We accomplished to pack the essence of agave.

World known as symbol of Mexico, agave nobility goes beyond tequila production.

100% blue agave

It’s a natural sweetener that is extracted from blue agave, easy metabolized and with a low glycemic index, does not disturb the glucose levels in the blood. It's 25% sweeter than sugar cane, therefore less is required in the daily diet. It does not crystallize and it dilutes easily in cold or hot beverages. •No refrigeration required. •Gluten free. •Can be consumed by vegetarians. •Manufactured without the use of genetically modified organisms. •Free from additives and preservatives.

tequila murmullo

Type: White
Category: 100% Agave
Graduation: 38% ALC. VOL.
Maturation of agave: 8 - 10 years, average.
Distillation: Double
Presentation: 750 ml
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